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This race is to help our followers help us raise money!

Exercise anywhere you want. Then log the activity and see your avatar move across the route. Catch a Google Street View of the new virtual locale, then cheer your real fellow racers! Share your bib on social media! Brag about your streaks or longest mileage!

We’ve got racers all over the globe! So to keep everyone on the same page, we’ve come up with some handy guidelines:

  1. Watch this video of Racery pro tips.
  2. Complete your bio. Include #groups to better track friends or colleagues.
  3. Update your passcode in settings.
  4. If your race includes activity conversions, we try to keep the playing field level, and conversions are based on effort, ie 1 hour cycling = ~1 hour swimming = ~1 hour tennis. Please log cycling minutes, not miles.
  5. To delete a log, click its gear on the right.
  6. Don’t like one type of email? Unsubscribe at the bottom of that email.
  7. If you post on social media, please include #raceryapp so we can find you!
  8. We rely on the honor system. You don’t have to use a device to prove your miles, a good map or watch suffices.
  9. Only log intentional exercise please.
  10. Attribute your exercise to the appropriate day—don’t combine workouts from multiple days.
  11. Only backdate logs for a race up to two weeks in the past.
  12. Activities submitted after the race ends will not count toward race leaderboards.

Questions? Write!