Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Second Chance get its animals?
Adoptable animals find their way to Second Chance through a variety of sources. While we work to keep all animals in their homes if they already have them, some of our animals come from families that can no longer keep them. Additionally, some come to us as strays that have wondered onto the property of a good samaritan. Finally, we have partnerships with many shelters in the mid-Missouri area and try to help those facilities out when they get tight on space. Ultimately, we can only take into our program what we have the capacity to care for, so we have to, unfortunately, turn down just as many animals as we can accept.
How do I adopt a pet from Second Chance?

Congrats on your selection! If you are interested in adoption, we ask that you submit your adoption application first. Once you are approved, which takes a few days, we’ll start the work of connecting you with your perfect match. Submit your application for a DOG or a CAT today.

What is involved in the adoption process?
There are a few simple steps in adoption through Second Chance. If you find an animal you like, submit your application first. Once it is approved, we’ll connect you with the animal you are interested or give you information about upcoming events where you can see many of our available animals. Once you and your family have agreed on the right match, you’ll fill out a contract and pay an adoption fee. At this time, a sleepover period will begin. During that sleepover, if at any time, you feel like the adoption is not working, you can return the pet and request a refund. If you’ve found the perfect match, just let us know, and you’ll receive the medical paperwork for the animal in the mail.
What is the adoption fee? What does it include?
Dogs and puppies under 10 years old are $150. Dogs over 10 are $75. Adult cats (over six months) are $60 and kittens are $75.

All animals leave our care presumably healthy, spayed or neutered, and with age-appropriate vaccinations. Additionally, all dogs have been heartworm tested and cats have been tested for FIV and FeLV. After you have received medical records on your animal, we strongly encourage you to take your new family member to the vet for a wellness check-up.

What if the animal I applied for is already adopted?
Many of our animals get adopted very quickly! If you applied for an animal, and it has already been adopted, please keep looking on our website and attending our adoption events. If you find something else you are interested in, please let us know. Because of the volume of applications we receive, we are unable to keep a list of approved adopters and what kind of animals they might be looking for. However, if you fill out an application and are approved, that approved application stays on file with us for six months, so you don’t have to fill out a new application every time you see an animal you like.
Why can't I see animals for adoption during the week?
Second Chance houses the large majority of adoptable animals in foster homes and currently does not have the staff to open our Adoption Center up during the work week. To protect our foster homes, we don’t typically arrange for adopters to go to a foster home to see animals. Instead, our foster homes bring their animals out to our Adoption Center during our open weekend hours and at off-site adoption events around the area.
I adopted and returned an animal during the sleepover period. How do I get a refund?
Sometimes, when you adopt an animal, it’s clear very soon after adoption that it is not the right match. Second Chance has a sleepover period for each adoption. The period generally ranges from a few days to a week, but it can be longer if the animal has special needs. Refer to your contract for the details of your particular adoption sleepover. If, during the sleepover period, you make the decision to return the animal to Second Chance, you can either offer your adoption fee as a donation, or you can request a refund. If you’d like a refund, please fill out this form. Please note that it takes 4-6 weeks for a refund.
How do I relinquish an animal to Second Chance?

When there are so many animals without homes, giving up a companion animal is not a decision to be taken lightly. If circumstances arise that make it difficult to care for your pet, there are options for you to consider that can help you keep your beloved pet at home.

  • Did your schedule change and you think you don’t have time for your pet? Maybe your family, friends or neighbors can help by going to let your dog out or checking in on your cat.
  • If you are trying to rehome your pet due to a behavior problem, please speak with your veterinarian first. Illness in animals can cause sudden and unexpected behaviors. Dogs and cats are like people and aren’t always nice when they’re sick. If you are having trouble managing a longstanding behavior issue with your pet, we can also recommend animal trainers who can help.
  • Does someone in your home have pet allergies? Before you make this assumption, confirm with your doctor. There are many allergens in most homes that can be irritants. Pet dander is not always the culprit. Read this information from the Humane Society of the United States on how to alleviate allergy problems when living with pets.
  • Are you moving? Check out pet-friendly rentals first. They do exist! In the Columbia area, look at this list. If you do have to relocate, please think of your pet as a family member.

If you have exhausted all of your options and believe it’s best that a rescue is best for your animal, please understand that Second Chance accepts animals into its program based upon the resources that are available to appropriately care for that particular animal. If you have a cat that needs a new home, please fill out this FORM. If you have a dog that needs a new home, please fill out this FORM. NOTE: WAIT LIST FOR CAT RELINQUISHMENTS IS 4 WEEKS AT THIS TIME.