Adoptable Dogs

Please scroll to see our current adoptable dogs in need of homes! We do not house any of our dogs at our Adoption Center; they all reside with foster families. If you are interested in a particular animal, the first step toward finding out more about that animal is completing our adoption survey. Additionally, not all of our dogs attend every event, so if you are wondering if an animal will be around at an upcoming event, send us a message at!

You’ll also see that some of our animals have “adoption pending” signs on their photos. If you submitted an adoption survey for a dog that then suddenly has a banner over his or her picture, don’t worry! That banner means that several people are interested in that animal and we are currently not accepting any more applicants while we review the ones we’ve already got. It does not mean that you didn’t get approved for adoptions; it just means we’re working hard to make the right match and will contact you soon!